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Big Business: McDonalds

It was fascinating to look into the history of this huge hamburger chain and how it influenced the development of the fast-food industry after World War II. The controversies around the consumption of fast food are also discussed.

Big Business: ASOS

How did ASOS build such a hugely successful global brand? Discover what makes people shop at ASOS and how the brand has grown since its launch in 2000. Learn about the brains behind the iconic brand, including the original founders, explore key business concepts in a straightforward way and develop a product brief for your very own ASOS range.

Big Business: Cadbury

This book covers how Cadbury came into being, the entrepreneurs behind its success, the key facts about the chocolate industry and Cadbury’s impact in the global market.

How to Get Ahead in Catering

An introduction to working in the catering industry, this title discusses the range of jobs available and looks at the skills and qualifications required.

Big Business: Coca-Cola

This book covers how Coca-Cola was invented, the entrepreneurs behind its success, the key facts about the soft drinks industry and Coca-Cola’s impact in the global market.

Big Business: Heinz

I’ve written several titles on international businesses – their history, how they operate, the people who work for them, and the pros and cons of their methods of operation.

Fashion Designers

From fashion icons Dolce and Gabbana to Stella McCartney, the people behind all of the hottest runway looks are thoroughly examined. Colourful photographs paired with easy-to-follow text provide background on the designers and their fascinating fashions.

Full list of business titles

Big Brands: McDonalds; Samsung (Wayland, 2015)

Big Business: Topshop; Heinz; ASOS (Wayland, 2014)

Big Business: Cadbury; Microsoft; Coca-Cola (Wayland, 2012)

Celebrity Secrets: Fashion Designers (Wayland 2011)


In the Workplace: Construction (Evans Brothers, 2010)

In the Workplace: Hospitality and Catering (Evans Brothers, 2010)

How to Get Ahead in Catering (Raintree, 2006)

How to Get Ahead in Construction (Raintree, 2006)


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