Stranded in the Six-Day War

The extraordinary story of the 14 merchant ships trapped in the Suez Canal at the start of the Six-Day War in June 1967. I launched this book in June 2017 at the 50-year anniversary reunion of the former seafarers who were on the stranded ships.


Nautilus Telegraph, August 2017

'Dagenham Don'

A truly brilliant account of the harmonization of cultures to enable group survival in the most awkward of conditions. Wonderfully told, wonderfully presented, in language all can understand (Amazon UK, July 2018)

John Goble

One of the benefits of being an historian is the opportunity to tell the stories of those on the margin of events who are usually ignored and forgotten and give them a place in the larger picture. Cath Senker has performed this service magnificently. The fact that fourteen merchant ships were trapped in the Suez Canal between June 1967 and June 1975 seemed destined to be just a footnote in the histories of this most intractable of conflicts but the author has rescued a collection of unpublished material and other ephemera and given it some permanence. (former seafarer, June 2018)

Gerrie Purcell

This book is a wonderful account of merchant seafarers’ cooperation and formation of a community despite the national and political divides of the Cold War; all while the major players in the Cold War used the Israeli/Palestinian/Arab conflict as a football in their ideological/ political ‘game’. A timely addition to your background reading if interested in the on-going problems for all concerned in the Middle East. (April 2018)

Captain A. W. Kinghorn

I read your whole book yesterday, until quite late into the night, totally absorbed. You've certainly put your heart into it. I learned a lot from it which I previously didn't know, especially about the early days. Well done Cath! (August 2017, Chief Officer, Scottish Star, 1968 and author of Before the Box Boats, 1983)

Ian Lister

I’ve now read your book Stranded in the 6 day war.  It’s superb; you should be congratulated on what you’ve done and you must be proud of the results. (June 2017, Chief Officer, Port Invercargill, 1967–68)

Philip Roe

I have long waited for a book about those trapped ships. Now it has arrived! (June 2017)

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