Stranded in the Six-Day War: eBook on the way!

One year ago, I published Stranded in the Six-Day War. It was launched at the 50th anniversary reunion of seafarers who were marooned on merchant ships in the Suez Canal following the Six-Day War.


Sales and talks
Since then, I have sold hundreds of copies to former seafarers and others who were involved and interested in this strange incident in maritime history. I’ve given illustrated talks about the story to local audiences and have realised it has a more general appeal. People are intrigued to find out about the development of a creative, autonomous community in the midst of a warzone.


New audience
I would like to bring the story to a wider audience so I’m bringing out the title as an eBook. It’ll provide a low-cost option to people who don’t want to invest in the print version and I’m hoping the links will be valuable to those who intend to research the story further.


Teething troubles
Producing the eBook is not as straightforward as I’d hoped. As I’ve mentioned before, self-publishing has been a steep learning curve for me, and it’s not over yet. I have a perfect ePub version ready to go but the Kindle version is proving problematic. In the meantime, here’s the cover, including BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen’s review.


EBook launch details to follow. . .

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