Jeremy Bowen reviews ‘Stranded in the Six-Day War’

Stranded in the Six-Day War, published June 2017

I enjoyed self-publishing a book for the first time until it came to the sales and marketing part – uncharted territory for me. I love research and writing but dislike self-publicity. I would very much like to thank friends and fellow authors who’ve reviewed the book for me. And I have to admit I am quite proud of this short review of ‘Stranded in the Six-Day War’ by BBC Middle East Editor and author of ‘Six Days’ Jeremy Bowen.

By Jeremy Bowen on 29 August 2017
This is a brilliantly researched and written account of an almost forgotten incident in the 1967 Middle East war. It’s full of tasty nuggets of detail. The war stranded ships that were passing through the Suez Canal, and created a unique community of marooned seafarers. Recommended.

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