Far From Home: new edition

What if you had to leave your home and you could never go back? What do you think that would be like?

‘For millions of Syrians and other people from around the world, these are the question they face. The current desperate situation in their homelands and the mass migrations from the Middle East is shocking. Sadly, it is nothing new. Far From Home addresses the clear need for a balanced and informative book on this complex topic.’

Paperback edition

I’ve updated Far From Home: Refugees and migrants fleeing war, persecution and poverty for this paperback edition.

Refugees in Calais

In mid-April, I’ll be travelling with a small group from Brighton and Hove Stand Up to Racism to offer solidarity and assist the refugees in Calais. We’ll bring a huge bundle of joggers for the young men sleeping rough there. We will work in the warehouse sorting donations and in the kitchen preparing meals.

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