Creativity in non-fiction writing

This is a subject close to my heart – it belies the idea of a chasm between story writing, which is considered ‘creative writing’, and non-fiction texts. Today, Trevor Day’s post on the RLF Consultant Fellows site talks about creativity in essay writing – this applies just as well to writing non-fiction titles. All writing …

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Just do it!

This week’s top tip from RLF Consultant Fellow Lucy English deals with the scourge that affects many authors, whether they’re trying to write an essay, thesis or novel: writer’s block. Lucy has a very simple solution:  

Managing your time successfully

According to RLF Consultant Fellow Amanda Swift, the key to managing your time when you’re writing a dissertation or a book is to break down the task into manageable chunks and to fit the work comfortably around your other commitments. See her What’s Happening? post here.…/ Personally, I have found the only way to do …

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What’s Happening? blog: honing your communication skills

However good your skills are, they are no use unless you can communicate them clearly to others. In this week’s What’s Happening? blog from the RLF Consultant Fellows, Esther Selsdon has some advice about being sensitive to your audience and communicating clearly to get your message across. Esther is currently ghost writing the autobiography of …

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Overcoming writer’s block

In this new RLF Consultant Fellows blog that I commissioned and edited, writer Lucy English presents an innovative physical approach to coping with writer’s block. This could prove invaluable for students and all kinds of writers.

Blog for the Royal Literary Fund Consultant Fellows goes live

Today, the first blog of the two blogs I’m commissioning and editing for the Royal Literary Fund Consultant Fellows went live. There are two types, to be posted on alternate weeks. What’s Happening? presents the unique perspective of one professional writer in turn, and the relationship between their own creative work and the writing development …

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