57 Ideas for Running a Book Group Activity

National Non Fiction November 2016


I was pleased to make a small contribution to this project, which was released today.


The Federation of Children’s Book Groups has put together an informative and detailed new pack to encourage book groups, classes and other youth groups to explore the variety of children’s non-fiction books and to produce their own information titles for National Non-Fiction November 2016.


There are games and activities to help you explore different kinds of non-fiction and details of how to run a non-fiction writing competition.


When you’re ready to start your book, check out the ideas for choosing a topic and for teaming up with local venues to produce it. There are suggestions for how to go about your research too. A series of established non-fiction authors have all provided their own special tips for young book creators. Once you have written and illustrated your book, find out about all the different ways you can create physical copies of your book and how to make it into an e-book.


The activity pack was collated by Zoe Toft. You can download here:




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